Patient Reviews

Best doctor that I have ever gone to!! He gave me all the time that I needed. He appeared to be totally concerned instead of distracted like other doctors that I have been to and he set up a treatment plan going forward that, unlike the other doctors, worked.

I followed those instructions to the letter and my problem has completely gone away. Finally, I have found my permanent gynecologist who seems to treat me like a person instead of like a number.


Dr. Kushner is awesome and caring and straight to the point. His staff is welcoming. Johaira (receptionist) was always happy n took care of me asap, once I walked through the door. Jessica did my bloodwork and didn’t treat me like a patient, more like a friend. I highly recommend Dr. Kushner and his staff to everyone.


The entire staff are so helpful, friendly, puts you as ease. They follow up, assist with all the questions that you may have, holds your hand every step of the way and genuinely cares about your health.
Thank you all!


Dr. Kushner is an amazing doctor. He is brilliant at his craft and takes all precautionary measures before making any decisions. He is very knowledgeable being that he has been doing this for many many years. In this environment, comfort is key with your patients. He knows just how to make you feel comfortable and at ease during each visit.

Highly recommend!!
Only in Queens blvd Location for gynecological services on Wednesdays


I was looking for an OBGYN in Queens after I after I moved from the city. I needed help with a gynecology issue and my friend recommended this office in Kew Gardens. Dr. Kushner is hands down, the best GYN in Kew Gardens. He is friendly and caring. I would recommend him as a gynecologist to anyone!


By far, Dr. Kushner is the best OBGYN I’ve had the privilege of working with. He is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and helped me with many issues with patience. His bedside manner is friendly and he always makes you feel comfortable. The staff in the office is also exceptional, going above and beyond to be accommodating and gracious.

K. Harris

I came to this office based on the recommendation of two of my friends and I had an urgent matter that needed to be taken care of. They just couldn’t say enough about Dr. Kushner. The receptionist told me that Dr, Kushner was booked up for the next three weeks, but that I could see the new doctor, Dr. Mariz. I was hesitant at first about seeing the new doctor. But the receptionist convinced me to see Dr. Mariz by saying “how wonderful the patients think he is,” and boy! am I glad that she did.

He listened to everything that I had to say. He was confident, yet soft toned. He was very gentle in his examination. He was articulate and clear in his explanations and he obviously knew what he was talking about. I did what he told me to do and I took the pills that he ordered, and I got cured in a jiffy!!! I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family.


I saw the Dr. to help me take care of a chronic problem. He was patient, understanding and gentle. He explained the treatment program clearly and the staff helped me set up follow-up sessions. Everything seems to be perfect now. I can’t say enough about the staff and about Dr. Mariz. Besides, he is so cute!!!


Making an appointment to see Dr Kushner is easy. No lousy elevator music or long holds. When I arrived the staff was friendly and the office was modern and clean.

The gynecologist of my dreams. Dr Kushner is comfortable to speak to and very knowledgeable. He’s kind and pleasant. I came in for a miscarriage and he explained to me what I was looking at in my sono pictures which most doctors don’t even bother spending the time to explain. He’s showed empathy which I could really appreciate at a sensitive time in my life. He’s one of the few doctors that I don’t question their expertise. He knows what he is doing and I find lots of comfort in that. He’s been my doctor for a little over three years now and I don’t ever plan on changing docs.


I can’t say enough about the attention that I received form the staff and Ms. Kesten. She seemed to have all the time in the world and addressed all of my complaints. She is very personable, very caring, and very knowledgeable.


I am completely comfortable seeing Ms. Keston for my yearly physical. She does the same thing that my prior gynecologists did except that she does it more gently.

She has reassured me that she works as a team with Dr. Kushner and Dr. Mariz and, if there ever was a question about diagnosis, medication or treatment that she would immediately discuss it with one of her colleagues.